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Harmony In Life Clinics focus on what is right for your body, not anyone else’s.

Gut, Bowel, Stomach, Constipation & Diarrhoea problems balanced so you can attain optimal Health.

Our program will bring the balance back to your life and lead your body back to health.

Our program re-trains your mind to think like a non-smoker & embrace the feeling of freedom.

No matter where you are stuck in your golf game, our program will help you improve.

If you are not sleeping at night, it is because those Delta Brain Waves are not kicking in.


Harmony In Life Clinics 12 week programs are designed to heal and educate in all areas of individual health and wellbeing. Teaching you skills that will increase your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life, so you can lead a happy, healthy and harmonious life.It takes 12 weeks to re-program the brain and release past patterning, conditioning and negative beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential in all areas of your life.

Harmony In Life Clinics have designed, specifically targeted 12 week programs to retrain your Brain and get you achieving to new heights.

Each package is individually tailored to suit your needs and most importantly, includes the one-on-one support you require, as you release those limitations of the mind and embrace the limitless opportunities that are waiting for you – Health, Work, Life, Relationships.

Can’t make it to our Paradise Point or Burleigh Heads Clinics on the Gold Coast?

No problem…..Skype sessions are now available at Harmony In Life Clinics.

Our Full 12 week Programs are available to meet your needs and to fit in with the demands of your life. We offer you the results you want, no matter where you live!


With your dedication and motivation combined with our support and
empowering education we work as a team to achieve your goals...

- Julie Marsh. Director HILC

Training Programs that get you thinking “Outside The Box” and bring a
whole new holistic way to empower people to heal…

- Julie Marsh. Director HILC

Strategic Life Planning and Assessment

Depending on what you require Harmony In Life Clinics has a wide, expansive wealth of knowledge in all areas of the Mind, Body and Spirit. We help open the doorway to release the blockages from where they are hiding.

Nothing can be kept hidden!

We provide One-on-One Support, Environmental Assessment, Brain Tap Technology, Breath Work, Nutritional Education, Relaxation Techniques, Calligraphy Health and more to help bring balance, health and wellness back to your life.

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Program Comments

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